When Is The Best Time Of Year To Buy A Trampoline?

Do you wonder if there is a best time of year to buy a trampoline? You’re probably weighing up two competing drivers. The first is how many months can the kids get to use the trampoline before winter sets in. And the second is around getting the best price possible during the year.

The best time of year to buy a trampoline is in spring so the kids have months of play on it. However, the best time to buy a trampoline on sale is during fall as retailers ditch their summer stock ahead of winter. And of course, Black Friday sales will often give the very best deal.

For our family, given that our kids have had a good deal of time at home, and recently we’ve been on fewer holidays, it was more important to get the trampoline at the start of spring. We wanted to have as much jumping time as possible.

Off the screens, out of the house, kids, it’s time to Go Forth!

Are trampolines seasonal in price?

Trampolines vary a great deal in price during the year. I’ll go through what I’ve found about trampoline pricing throughout the year.

Ideally, you know what your budget is, and so you’re trying to buy the best trampoline possible for your budget. There really is a difference between different models of trampolines, how much enjoyment your kids will get from different shapes and sizes, and of course, what their life expectancy and warranties look like.

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Is Spring A Good Time To Buy A Trampoline?

Most retailers price their stock higher when there is more demand for a product. This means that in spring, when more families are looking for a new trampoline, the prices are generally at their peak.

However, it’s not uncommon for discounts to be available even in spring. If one retailer is trying to compete with another close by, then they will often have spot specials. Or even if one model isn’t selling very well, the retailer might try to lower the price to clear the stock so they can put a better selling model in.

Some retailers also want to move some of their stock early, and have more of a volume-model of business. It’s more important for them to “price it low, and watch it go-go-go”. Most however try to get a premium price at the time when the demand is high.

Is Summer A Good Time To Buy A Trampoline?

Summer is a fun time to buy a trampoline for your kids, however, you’ll need to look carefully to find decent sales. Most trampolines are still at full price during summer.

Whilst the trampolines might not generally be on sale, summer is a good time to negotiate on price. The retailers know there is only a small window of summer fun left for good sales volumes. Therefore, if someone comes in and appears to be very serious about buying a trampoline, the retailer is often willing to come to the party and negotiate with them.

Read further below for a tip on how to negotiate on trampolines.

Is Fall A Good Time To Buy A Trampoline?

If price is the most important consideration, fall is a great time to buy a trampoline. There are generally excellent sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But you will also find good sales at a store-by-store basis as retailers look to clear out their stock before winter sets in.

Just be aware, depending on where you live, that you might have to winterize your trampoline.

Is Winter A Good Time To Buy A Trampoline?

Another way of asking this is “Are trampolines cheaper in winter?”

Generally, if you are in a winter snow state, trampolines are cheaper in winter than spring or summer. However, if you are in a state where there isn’t much snow, you’ll find that trampoline prices are fairly constant throughout the year.

For those snow-free states, winter is a good time to buy a trampoline as the weather is cooler. This means that the kids will be able to go on the trampoline throughout the day, and still get good exercise.

For example, in Arizona, Nevada or Texas, it is often far too hot to use the trampoline in the middle of the day. In this case, winter is really the best time to buy a trampoline.

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What Time Of Year Do Trampolines Go On Sale?

You can find good sales throughout the year for trampolines with your local retailer or online store, but there are also seasonal events when trampolines go on sale.

Trampolines are more likely to go on sale at the end of summer or during fall. This is when retailers are trying to get rid of their summer stock, and ensure they have room for Thanksgiving, Christmas and general winter stock. The very best sales will be on during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Don’t forget to also look out for discontinued stock sales, or sales when two local stores decide to be competitive.

Retailers and Manufactures Often Have “Subscriber-only” Sales

When you subscribe to a retailer’s or manufacturer’s email list, you’ll find that they send subscriber-only sales emails about particular items. These emails will include special promotional codes that you can use at the checkout to reduce the price. Without the email, it can be difficult to find these codes.

Be choiceful about where you subscribe though, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with so many email newsletters that it can be difficult to find the products you actually want to buy.

How to Ask For A Discount For A Trampoline?

The best way to ask for a discount is to say, “Have you got any flexibility with the price of this trampoline?” If the store assistant says, “Sure, here’s what we can do”, you’ll know that you’ve managed to get some sort of discount.

However, if you ask that question about flexibility with the price, and the store assistant says, “Unfortunately no. This is the best price we can do”, it will be difficult to negotiate here. The best approach is to say, “Well, that is a pity. I guess we’d better go and do some more research.” When you start to walk slowly towards the door, the store assistant might come after you and let you know they can help after all.

It might not just be a discount on the price though. You might be able to get delivery or assembly thrown in instead. Be sure to look at everything so that you compare apples with apples.

When Should I Get A Trampoline For My Kids?

Most people search for buying trampolines in one of two periods. This is either around the start of spring in April-May, or toward the end of year holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

For when you should get a trampoline for your kids, consider your climate and when the kids are likely to use a new trampoline. You’ll also want to consider your budget, as well as how much storage you have if you can’t set it up immediately.

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