What Clothes To Wear On A Trampoline?

You’ve been invited to a trampoline park, a friend’s house, or you’ve got people coming over and they’ve asked what they should wear. It’s reasonable enough. There will be people and kids jumping up and down, limbs flying akimbo, and perhaps even tumbles and slips. You want to protect the trampoline, and protect yourself.

On a trampoline, you should wear comfortable well-fitting clothes with no sharp bits that might damage the mat. This means drawstrings over zips, and lycra and stretch cotton over denim, and grip socks over regular socks. You should also want to protect yourself, so no skirts, jewelry or scarves.

This is true for both backyard trampolines and for trampoline parks. Let’s go from bottom to the top, so that you’ve got the best clothes for a trampoline, and you are good to Go Forth!

Shoes on a Trampoline

Shoes are never worn to be worn on a trampoline. There are so many types of shoes that will damage and tear at the mat, that it’s easier to put out a blanket ‘no shoes’ policy.

High heels will exert more sheer force on the mat. Work boots and even some hard court or walking shoes have a very hard sole that can pull at the fibers in the trampoline mat. All of this can cause damage to the mat over time, and cause it to fail unexpectedly.

It is also possible that shoes will track in small stones and mud. These stones can have hard edges that can come down like a guillotine on the fibers of the mat and cut them.

Explore the whole “Can I wear shoes on a trampoline?” question further here, and learn the few exceptions to the rule.

Socks On A Trampoline

For a backyard trampoline, it’s really common to take off your shoes on approach and just wear socks. Try to find socks with no holes! The danger is that socks can be quite slippery on the mat, so if you have a pair of the trampoline park socks with grip on the bottom, you’ll probably enjoy it more.

For a trampoline park, they will generally suggest that you wear socks with grip. This is both to reduce liability for slips and falls on their side, but also to give you a better jumping experience.

The grip on the bottom of the socks allows you to travel bounce (several bounces from one corner to another), without fear of losing your feet out from under you.

Can I Go Barefoot On A Trampoline?

Generally, on a backyard trampoline, you’ll be fine to go barefoot. However, at a trampoline park, they will insist on the grip socks.

You can use gymnastic trampoline shoes if you are heading off to a trampoline club or cheerleader practice.

For a backyard trampoline, these are often out in the elements, so take care that the trampoline mat isn’t too hot from the sun for little feet.

Bottoms On A Trampoline – Shorts, Pants, Leggings And Skirts

The basic premise for the bottom half when jumping on a trampoline is that you are comfortable, and that you aren’t wearing anything that could damage the mat. I wouldn’t wear anything that is so tight on the belly that you’d struggle to sit down. You also don’t want anything too thick or hot, this is an active sport, and you will warm up quickly!

Shorts on a Trampoline

With a few exceptions, comfortable shorts are ideal for jumping on a trampoline. You generally have good freedom of movement, you won’t get too hot, and there are lots of options that are free from sharp zippers or studs.

Bike pants, sports shorts or even boardshorts are great options. If you have an elasticized waist, and good flexibility, you’re onto a winner.

At home, put your lead pair of shorts on, and try to do a squat. If the shorts feel tight or restrictive, choose a different pair.

Note: There are some people who don’t recommend shorts because of the risk of getting a ‘mat burn’ (like a carpet burn) when you slip over. This might be a thing, but it seems fairly unlikely. If you have super sensitive skin, you might want it keep it in mind.

Long Pants on a Trampoline

Yoga pants, sweats, track pants or sometimes even cargo pants are a big YES. Try to avoid denim as it won’t give the stretch you want, and the studs can be painful and damaging to you and the mat.

You want stretch elastic or drawstring pants that will stay up by themselves, without you having to hold onto them with every bounce. You also want good flexibility and freedom of movement.

Avoid zips, studs, metallic decorations, or loosely sewn on items (I’m looking at you sequins) that might come off with the friction of the mat or just the extreme movement of bouncing.

Avoid pants that let you keep your phone or keys in a pocket. It’s almost certain that you’ll sit on or fall sideways on that pocket. You’ll be upset if the phone breaks or if you land on your keys!

Similar to the shorts, try a squat at home before you go out, or sit down and with your legs extended, try to touch your toes. Anything that feels too tight now will feel worse after 10 minutes of jumping.

Skirts on a Trampoline

Skirts are not great on trampolines, unless you’re wearing them over bike pants.

The jumping movement will cause loose skirts fly up Marilyn Monroe-style, and tight skirts will restrict your movement. Both styles will show everything if you fall over. And that’s not elegant or cute.

Jumpsuits on a Trampoline

Jumpsuits could work on a trampoline. As for every clothing option, you want something that is comfortable, allows you to move freely, and doesn’t damage the trampoline.

Try not to have long strappy ties with metal on the ends that can come up and hit you (or someone else) in the face. No zips or super large buttons.

Shirts on a Trampoline

The best shirt to wear on a trampoline is a well-fitting T-shirt or polo. You don’t want the T-shirt too loose as it will ride up. It’s better to use your hands and arms for balance, and not for holding a shirt down.

Avoid strapless tops. It might seem obvious afterwards, but if you think about it, there are a lot of significant up and down forces happening when you bounce.

It will get really hot really quickly from the exercise, so I wouldn’t wear a jumper or even a sweat top that you can’t take off easily or quickly. You won’t want it tied around your waist as it will swing around restrict your movements.

I also recommend avoiding open loose unbuttoned shirts. These can swing open wildly and the buttons can hit you or others as you are bouncing around. It will get too hot to button it up.

Underwear on a Trampoline

Sports bras are great. If you’re the kind to wear a bra, you’re going to enjoy the support that a sports bra gives you. It’s also good to know that the straps are unlikely to break. Avoid super delicate bras where you’re not sure how strong the stitching is.

Boxer Shorts Vs Briefs On a Trampoline

Briefs are better than boxer shorts on a trampoline. There’s a lot of movement. For a backyard trampoline, I don’t know what it is, but boys seem to love stripping down to their shorts or even briefs. Boxer shorts do not keep everything well contained. Briefs keep it all snug and secure.

Jewelry on a Trampoline

Leave the jewelry at home. You don’t want necklaces, bracelets or anklets on, or even chunky sharp rings. Dangly earrings are also out.

The danger is that the necklaces will move up and down with inertia as you jump. This means that they can hit you in the face, or, with the force of each bounce, weaken the clasp holding it together.

You might also find that you bounce at a funny angle, and then end up ricocheting at speed at another person jumping. You don’t want your jewelry to hurt them (or vice versa).

Sharp rings or sharp parts of your jewelry can cut at the mat fibers as well, which will weaken them. There is not much worse than jumping onto a trampoline mat that tears underneath you.

Dangly earrings will also pull down on your earlobes, and hurt them over time.

Accessories on a Trampoline

Avoid bags, sunglasses and scarves.

You don’t want to bring sunglasses or loose spectacles to a trampoline park jumping area if you can avoid it.

If you wear glasses, you might want to look at the adjustable straps that you can attach to your glasses to hold them tight against your head.

You also want to avoid wearing a scarf. Not only can other people grab onto it easily, the ends will also fly around a bit too much.

Hair Accessories on a Trampoline

Keep your hair tied back. Long hair can hurt as it flies around. Avoid clips and bobby pins that would hurt to fall on.

In Summary

To choose the right clothes to wear on a trampoline, keep it comfortable, elasticized and free flowing. I do hope this has helped you get ready for a trampoline park, or for a good play on a backyard trampoline.

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