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How Long Do Inground Trampolines Last?

Given how much of an investment an inground trampoline is, it’s a good idea to know how long an inground trampoline will last.

Inground trampolines last 5-10+ years with an average of 8 years depending on quality and maintenance. Cheaper models with poor steel rust faster in the often high humidity environment. The quality of the trampoline pit matters, as retaining walls need to hold over time and give good drainage.

Given the variation on how long inground trampolines can last, let’s look at the quality of different models, warranties, the quality of the trampoline pit, and then how you care for your trampoline to extend its life.

Quality of Inground Trampolines and Life Expectancy

The quality of inground trampolines varies a great deal. The frame is the most critical component. Whilst you can replace the mat or the springs, the frame can’t be replaced. The life expectancy of other parts of the trampoline are also important in understanding what your maintenance costs are likely to be.

Quality of the Frame On An Inground Trampoline

Some brands have legs that sit inside the hole in the ground. These are more likely to need higher grade steel with better galvanizing both inside and outside the frame steel.

As an aside, this higher grade steel will also make the trampoline a great deal heavier than a regular above-ground trampoline.

Other inground trampolines have a frame that sits on the lawn or in a shallow recessed shelf with only the mat over the deeper hole. These need the same quality steel as a regular above ground trampoline.

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The steel needs to be galvanized in order to make it more rust-proof. In the best quality trampolines, the steel is dipped into a tank of hot galvanizing zinc, allowing the zinc to coat both the inside and the outside of the steel tube.

Having the steel galvanized is better than having just powder coated steel. The powder coat gets chipped and deteriorates over time, allowing the oxygen and rain to start attacking the underlying steel.

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Quality of the Mat On An Inground Trampoline

The quality of the mat on any trampoline is determined by how UV-resistant it is. Without UV-resistance, any trampoline mat will start to break down within 2-6 months in the sun.

Most trampoline mats are made of a UV-resistant polypropylene black mesh mat. You can tell when the UV-resistance is starting to go, as your feet will turn black when you jump on it (LINK). This is from the carbon black detaching from the polypropylene, and becoming a powder.

A good trampoline mat with UV-resistance should last at least three years in the sun with no absolutely problems, and will probably last around 7 years before starting to get little rips or tears (LINK) in it.

Quality of the Springs On An Inground Trampoline

The springs on an inground trampoline need to be galvanized as well. Most springs are hot-gal zinc dipped. There are some ‘gold’ colored springs that will last even longer.

Summary on Quality

Given how much the quality varies, and how difficult it is to assess for yourself, especially if you are buying online and can’t poke and push the floor model, you need another way to gauge how good the trampoline is.

The best way to assess the quality of the inground trampoline is to look at what length warranty the manufacturer is willing to give.

Warranties for In-Ground Trampolines

Warranties are useful because they give you an indication of how far the company is willing to stand by their product. They only give a warranty of a certain number of years if they believe the product, in this case, an inground trampoline, will last far longer than that.

Like all trampolines, inground trampolines are exposed to all sorts of weather. But given that the frame on an in-ground trampoline is below the surface of the ground, there is an added risk that there will be higher levels of humidity and dampness. The soil will release moisture, and the rain may drain slowly.

The Best InGround Trampoline Warranty Suite

The Avyna brand, available from Amazon in the US, has got the best overall suite of warranties for an inground trampoline. Lifetime on the frame, 10 years on the springs, and 3 years on the mat. Click here to check out the Avyna inground trampoline’s reviews on Amazon.

Inground Trampoline Frames With and Without “Legs”

The frame of the trampoline is the most important component to keep in good shape. All other parts of the trampoline can be repaired or replaced, but if the frame goes, you need an entirely new trampoline.

As mentioned above, there are two types of inground trampoline. The first is where the trampoline legs sit at the bottom of the pit. The second type is where the frame sits either on the lawn surrounding the pit (the mat will be a few inches above the lawn), or just on a shallow shelf in the pit (the mat will likely be flush with the lawn).

The very best brands have a lifetime warranty on their frames, whilst some only have a 5 year warranty.

Brand of Inground TrampolineFrame TypeWarranty Length On Frame
AvynaWithout LegsLifetime
BergWith Legs10 Years
Inground Trampolines (IGT)With Legs10 Years
North TrampolinesWithout Legs10 Years
Exit ElegantTrampolinesWithout Legs5 Years

Inground Trampoline Mats Warranty

The mat on an inground trampoline should generally have larger airholes to provide better air exchange whilst jumping. These holes are represented by gaps in the weaving of the polypropylene.

There shouldn’t be any difference in how long it takes to get worn down by the sun. There may be a difference in how easily it gets nicked and micro-rips over time, especially if animals or twigs can go on the trampoline easily.

Note: Read the fine print carefully. Some brands will void the warranty if you don’t use the trampoline cover religiously. These covers are designed to protect the trampoline mat from degrading in the sun.

I prefer to see mats that are suitable for outdoor conditions, especially if you have a safety net making it difficult to get a cover on and off.

Brand of Inground TrampolineWarranty Length On Mat
Avyna3 Years
Berg2 Years
Inground Trampolines (IGT)2 Years
North Trampolines5 Years
Exit ElegantTrampolines2 Years

Inground Trampoline Springs Warranty

It’s important to have the best springs you can get. The springs are almost entirely responsible for the quality of the bounce. So, you want springs that stay in good condition for as long as possible.

Springs can also be a source of noise if they start getting rusty. Click here to learn how to get rid of squeaky spring noise on a trampoline. (LINK)

The springs are also likely to be close to a source of moisture from the ground. This will impact how quickly they deteriorate.

Brand of Inground TrampolineWarranty Length On Springs
Avyna10 Years
Berg5 Years
Inground Trampolines (IGT)3 Years
North Trampolines2 Years
Exit ElegantTrampolines2 Years

Quality of the Inground Trampoline Pit

For an inground trampoline, how long it lasts also depends on the quality of the hole it is placed in.

The trampoline pit needs to have good drainage so that stagnant water doesn’t build up and flood the trampoline or breed mosquitos.

Additionally, the walls of the pit need to stay structural intact over time. If the walls collapse, this could impact both the safety of the trampoline, as well as the ability to jump.

Finally, the ground of the trampoline needs to be stable and flat so that the trampoline, if it has legs, doesn’t sink into the ground on one side and become unstable.

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Inground Trampoline Maintenance

Inground trampolines also need care and maintenance in order to last as long as possible. This includes regular care of the frame and springs to ensure that they are not getting rusty or corroded.

The other care and maintenance is seasonal. The mat should be taken off in winter, and boards put down over the pit so that people and animals don’t fall in. Leaves should be kept off the trampoline mat as much as possible so that they don’t get caught and cause micro tears in the mat.

Click here to read more about maintenance of regular trampolines.

In Summary

Inground trampolines can last a good number of years, and provide a good deal of entertainment for the kids. If you get a good quality inground trampoline, they are likely to last longer, giving you better bang for your buck.

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