How Do You Get Rid Of Algae, Moss or Mold On A Trampoline?

If you’ve had a particularly warm wet season, or you haven’t been near your trampoline for a while, you might find that you have a lush green growth of algae, moss or even mold on your trampoline. It’s probably on the trampoline mat, the trampoline pads and maybe even on the bottom edges of the safety net.

To get rid of algae, moss or mold on a trampoline, pre-wash the trampoline mat with water. Use Wet ‘n Forget Original and a soft bristle brush, or a mild detergent (never bleach) with a soft sponge to gently clean off the algae, mold or moss. Rinse the trampoline thoroughly after you finish.

Let me explain the nuances of getting rid of algae, moss or mold on a trampoline. For today, the term mold covers mildew as well. There are some key watchouts described below.

Step 1: Getting Ready

Ideally, you’ll clean your trampoline of algae, moss or mold on a sunny day where you can easily see what you’re doing, and the trampoline can dry out relatively quickly.

This is a definitely an “Old Clothes Day”. Whilst it might not be hugely dirty as such, you will end up wet, and possibly crawling around over algae and mold.

If you are sensitive to mold, you might want to wear a protective mask and gloves.

Remove the padding from around the trampoline. This will let you turn it over easily and see what needs to be cleaned. This will also allow you to access the padding without having to duck and weave awkwardly under the springs.

Remove all of the built-up leaf matter on the trampoline mat.

Don’t forget to look at the underside of the mat. It might be easier to get someone to help you lift it up and tilt it, or put it on its side, whilst you clean it.

Check if the safety net mesh also has algae, moss or mold. If the net is taut, it can stay in place. However, if it moves too much when you try to rub it, you may need to take it off and lay it out in the yard to clean it.

Once you know what you’re going to clean, you’re ready to get started.

Step 2: Cleaning the Mat from Algae, Moss or Mold

Rinse everything down with a hose or a bucket. This will wet everything, and make it slightly easier to get clean it off.

Wearing old clothes, climb up on the mat and start at the area furthest away from the safety net entrance.

You can use a pressure cleaner on a low setting to clean your trampoline mat, or simple elbow grease. If you are using elbow grease, I’d also recommend adding Wet ‘n Forget, but you can also use a detergent solution, or even diluted vinegar to clean the mat.

Wet ‘n Forget Original – This product is a well-known global brand, and uses benzalkonium chloride, also known as a quat ammonium. This is the active ingredient in many household cleaners and disinfectants, and has been approved by the EPA for decades.

I wouldn’t use bleach, as this can oxidize (and weaken) certain plastics that may or may not be found in your trampoline mat.

Clean the mat with a soft bristle brush, something like a nail brush, but bigger. I like this Soft Easy Grip Bristle Brush from Amazon. Try not to use a wire brush, as this can pull at and damage the fibers in the mat.

Start at the far edge of the mat, and work your way backwards. Pay attention to getting all of the algae, moss and mold out of the stitching, otherwise these will stay as ‘seeds’ to start spreading again.

Step 3: Cleaning the Trampoline Pads of Algae, Moss or Mildew

You want to be sure that the pads don’t get too much growth on them, as when they take damage, the mold can get inside the padding. It’s impossible to get rid of it then.

With the pads laid out on the lawn, you should be able to easily see what needs to be done.

You can use Wet n Forget again or a pressure washer to clear off the algae. Scrub at the pads with a soft or firm brush (not wire) to clear the growth away.

You might need to pay special attention to the ties that hold the pads in place. If these ties get too much growth on them, the fabric will start to deteriorate, and then just break off.

Step 4: Clean the Safety Net

For this one, the pressure washer might work, but remember that most of the water will go straight through the mesh. Be aware of who or what is on the other side!

Without a pressure washer, I’d try the soft brush again. You might need a ladder to get to the top of the safety mesh. Again, the products I mentioned in Step 2 will be fine here. This will be a slightly longer job, so set up some music if you can.

I’ve also found a great video of steam cleaning a safety net. Whilst not everyone has access to a steam cleaner, you might be able to hire one from the hardware store, or get a contractor in.

Step 5: Finishing Up

Rinse everything very well with water from the garden hose before putting it back together. Make sure that all of the suds are gone. If you can still see suds, it means that the detergent isn’t rinsed off, and the trampoline mat will still be slippery.

Dry off the excess water with a towel, or just leave it in the sun for a while.

Put it back in place. Tell the kids that it’s time to “Go Forth Kids!” and send them out to play for a while.

In Summary

I hope this has been a useful guide to help you get rid of the algae, moss and mold from your trampoline.

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