Trampolines are some of the best kids’ outdoor play equipment. Good for stir crazy energy, and keeping the kids entertained for hours.

Springfree Trampolines: Maintenance (Complete Guide)

Springfree trampolines need regular care and maintenance to keep them in tip top bouncing condition. For the sake of ease, this article covers the Springfree branded trampolines. These use composite fiberglass rods instead of round springs to generate a good bounce. We’re not talking about other ‘round-spring-free’ trampolines such as leafspring trampolines (for example, Vuly). …

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Gymnastic Trampoline Shoes: What To Look For And How To Choose

What Are Gymnastic Trampoline Shoes? Gymnastic trampoline shoes are specially designed for flexibility and grip on a trampoline.  Using these shoes means that you are less likely to slip whilst performing tricks, flips and tumbles, whilst still having the flexibility of bare feet. When used for trampoline competitions, the Fédération Internationale De Gymnastique rules say …

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Do Cats Like Trampolines?

If you have a trampoline, you have probably wondered how much your cat would like to go on it. Would it be freaked out by the trampoline mat? Would it start to play like a kitten? In general, cats like trampolines, although they are too light to bounce on them as dogs can. Cats enjoy …

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