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I had the best childhood. A big backyard, a few siblings, and a jungle gym, pirate play house, a trampoline. Mom would send us kids out the back, and we would play out there for hours. Friends would ride their bikes over. We’d all go back inside for dinner when it started to get dark. (Funny how kids know how to find dinner, but can never find jumpers or water bottles!)

My kids are now old enough to play in the yard unattended for a while. I wanted to make our backyard an exciting zone where they can amuse themselves. I wanted to be able to shout out, “Go Forth, Kids!” and they would discover a world of imagination and adventure. And they’d get off their dang screens.

Of course, when I started exploring all of the options, I found that there’s an entire world of equipment to sort through. I wanted to share the information I found as I sorted out what would be suitable for my age group kids, and what I could safely transport and set up myself.

I hope you find this website simple to use, and full of useful information to help you be able to yell out, “Go Forth, Kids!” to your own brood.

William Jardine

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